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2017 Durham Election Calendar

Oct. 13 : Voter registration deadline

Oct. 19-Nov. 4 : Early voting & same-day registration

Oct. 31 : Last day to request absentee ballot

(polls open 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)






Durham Mayor

Farad Ali

campaign website

(submitted by candidate)

Born Brooklyn, N.Y. and Raised Durham, N.C.;
Married - four children, 24, 21, 12, and 9;
B.S. concentration finance UNC-Chapel Hill;
M.B.A. Campbell University;
Post Graduate Studies Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business;
President/CEO The Institute of Minority Economic Development;
City Council, 2007-2011;
25+ years of experience and leadership in private and public sector.

Steve Schewel

campaign website

(submitted by candidate)

I began my career teaching English at NCCU in 1974.

I published IndyWeek for 29 years and now teach public policy at Duke.

I have served on the school board and now city council for the past six years.

What are your favorite local businesses to support in Durham?

• Beyu
• Tiny
• Bull City Dentistry
• Dames Chicken & Waffles
• Old Havana

• Beyu Café
• Regulator Bookshop
• La Vaquita
• Toast
• Letters Bookshop
• Scratch

What are your ideas to bring more jobs to young people, especially those groups with traditionally higher unemployment rates like young African-Americans?

As a leader of the Institute of Minority Economic Development, we support the development, growth and business advisory supportive services for minority businesses to succeed. We provide the specific skill training through hands-on mentorship/
apprenticeship and training via tech schools, universities and professionals to assure employable/
marketable job skills.

Leverage City incentives to maximize use of African-American contractors and jobs. Provide capital and marketing, financing and accounting support for African-American businesses. Expand the summer Youthworks program. Strengthen the pipeline of internships, job shadowing and job placement between the public schools and local employers, including specific training for high-paying jobs.

What issue is NOT getting the attention it deserves from city government? How would you address it?

The socio-economic gap - systemic issues of poverty. The socio-economic data demonstrates a great disparity/gap among diverse populations and the systemic issues associated with poverty. Through partnerships, we can collaborate with non-profit organizations, government entities and the corporate sector to offer educational, technical and entrepreneurial programs.

The issue that needs more attention is wages. Everyone in Durham should be able to make enough to support themselves and their families. We must support the $15 minimum wage citywide, and we must support the Living Wage Project’s recruitment of businesses to voluntarily comply with the $15 minimum.


Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7
(polls open 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)

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