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Questions from the League of Women Voters of Wake County

The League of Women Voters of Wake County has provided supplemental questions for the 2014 N.C. Voter Guide, giving you even more insight into this year's candidates.

N.C. Senate races:

N.C. Senate (District 15)

N.C. Senate (District 16)

N.C. Senate (District 17)

N.C. Senate (District 18)

N.C. House races:

N.C. House (District 11)

N.C. House (District 33)

N.C. House (District 35)

N.C. House (District 36)

N.C. House (District 38)

N.C. House (District 40)

N.C. House (District 41)

N.C. House (District 49)

Wake County Commissioner races:

Wake County Commissioner (District 1)

Wake County Commissioner (District 2)

Wake County Commissioner (District 3)

Wake County Commissioner (District 7)