2017 Durham Voter Guide
Your city. Your vote.

This is your city, your home. Now Durham's future is up to you.

We've asked candidates for Durham Mayor and City Council where they stand on key local issues like jobs, affordable housing, police accountability and public transportation – issues that impact your daily life. Now it's your chance to make your voice heard in Durham. Click below to get facts on the candidates, and get ready to vote on November 7!

Click here to meet this year's Durham candidates

About the Durham Mayor & City Council

The Durham City Council often has a more direct impact on you daily life than Congress or the President, making decisions on such important issues as affordable housing, public transportation, crime and safety, parks and community centers, future growth of the city and more.

The are a total of seven members on the City Council. Three members are elected from specific wards (or districts). Three are at-large members and the mayor are elected citywide. The terms for City Council seats are staggered, and nonpartisan elections are held every 2 years.

The City Council:

• Appoints the city manager, city attorney, city clerk and members of boards, committees and commissions
• Approves the annual budget
• Authorizes contracts on the city’s behalf
• Enacts ordinances, resolutions and orders
• Establishes general city policies

Make sure you have a voice in the city's future – #voteDurham Nov. 7!

See where Durham candidates stand on the issues


Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7
(polls open 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)

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