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Please note: This is not an official ballot. This is a nonpartisan resource for voters to learn about candidates running in North Carolina’s 2022 elections. If you have additional questions about elections in your area, please contact your county board of elections office.

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In the 2022 election, North Carolina voters will decide key contests for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, the state legislature and our courts, along with important local offices such as sheriff, county commissioner and school board. All of these positions impact your life. When you vote, you have a say in choosing who will represent you.

Once again this year, the North Carolina Voter Guide is giving you reliable, nonpartisan information about candidates on your ballot.

Our team has gathered information from hundreds of candidates in North Carolina to empower you with facts about who’s on your ballot, their background and qualifications, and where they stand on crucial issues that matter to you.

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